Work Duty

Participation in MOL requires a work duty or buyout during registration. After all work duty spots are filled, the buyout will be required.

Work Duty Descriptions

Head Coach
Please consider coaching your child's team. The commitment hours are approximately 4 hours per week (including games) and training and support are provided. Every coach is required to attend a coaches clinic before the season to discuss rules and procedures. Coaches also need to be at evaluation day and the draft for your division which is held a few evenings later. Please note that there will be a few rule changes this year and it is important that coaches attend the "clinic" even if this is your 6th year!

Assistant Coach
Just as it sounds. Assistants are second in command. The hours are similar. If a large number of parents sign up to coach, MOL tries to put two assistants on a team. We believe that if you are willing to volunteer your time to be with your child and others, you should be able to do so.

Evaluation Day Field Assistant
Take part in evaluation day by helping to organize the kids and assisting the division commissioner with the drills. You may be asked to do line control, catch, or time runners.

Evaluation Day Desk Assistant
Arrive just a little earlier on evaluation day to help with player check in. Lists are printed and numbers are assigned to each player as they show up for evaluation.

Field Set Up / Clean Up
Families will be assigned a Saturday morning (~7am) to help line the fields, or afternoon (~2pm) to be present at the end of the last set of games to help clean up the fields: collecting garbage, putting away cones, deposting left clothing into lost and found, etc.  Clean up is often best for 5-6 or 7-8 grade parents as 3-4 graders will not be playing during the latter part of the day.

Volunteer Opt Out
For a fee of $100.00 you can insure that you will not be called for any of the above jobs. The amount will automatically be added in at the end of the registration form should you choose this option.

Work during the season
While not part of the "official" work duty sign up, all families are asked to take a turn or two at the chains during your child's season. This simply means that you will hold and move the yard and down markers at the side of the field. The referees will tell you where they need to go. (A buy out will not count toward this duty.)