About MOL

MOL Football is a youth flag football league for boys and girls in 3rd through 8th grades that live in Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette, or Canyon, California.

It is a true recreational community league that is run by local parents, with referees from our local high schools and volunteer coaches.



Registration opens online Monday, May 15. Registration does fill up quickly. After registering, players must attend a mandatory evaluation day in late August.


Teams and Divisions

MOL is divided into four divisions: PAC12 for 3rd and 4th graders, NFC for 5th and 6th graders, AFC East for 7th graders and AFC West for 8th graders. All MOL teams are created through a draft system the week following evaluations. Teams and teammates cannot be requested.


Practices and Games

Most teams practice Friday afternoon/evening at JM or Stanley. Some teams will practice Thursday afternoon/evening at JM. AFC coaches have the option of holding practice on Saturday mornings before their game. Your child's coach will determine which of those days/locations will be used for practice.

MOL games are held on Saturdays at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School.

In the preseason (before the practice game), PAC12 teams can hold three practices, and the NFC/AFC can hold two. After the practice game, all teams practice once per week.



Jerseys will be provided by the league. Players should wear cleats (molded rubber/plastic; screw-ins/metal cleats are not allowed) and comfortable shorts (red is not allowed in player shorts).

Mouthguards are recommended for practice and mandatory for games.



MOL Rules 2024


Additional Details

How are MOL teams created?
All players are expected to attend the mandatory evaluation day. There the players are asked to participate in a timed run and a catch and pass drill. Volunteer coaches privately rate the players. The following week, the coaches attend a draft to pick their teams. This helps to assure balanced teams throughout each league.

What if we have a conflict with the practice time?
If your child cannot practice on a particular day of the week on an ongoing basis, please list that as a conflict when you register. Otherwise we ask that you make every effort to be at practice.

Who will be on my child’s team?
MOL is open to all children in 3rd through 8th grade that either live in Moraga, Orinda, Lafayette or Canyon. Teams are arranged by division (Pac-12 grades 3/4; NFC grades 5/6; and AFC grades 7/8) so your child will play with children from all around the area in their age group. There is a possibility that your child may know almost everyone on the team or no one at all. One of the most positive things we hear each year is that kids have made new friends.

What if I am dissatisfied with my child’s coach?
Talk to him/her. Explain your concerns and offer to help. If you remain displeased seek council from the commissioner of your division. Our coaches attend clinics and must follow MOL guidelines. Coaches are volunteers however, and everyone has their own style. We believe most problems can be worked out with open communication.

If I have a question not answered within this web site, who do I contact?
Any questions regarding your child's team should first be directed to your coach. If you still need assistance (or don't have a coach yet) contact the division commissioner from our League Officials page.

Why can't my 2nd grader play? He is eager, and ready.
MOL receives several requests each season regarding 2nd graders. The answer is that this league has been grade-based for over 40 years, and will continue in the same manner. The Pac 12 division is for 3rd and 4th graders only.