Medical Policy

MOL Football places a premium on safety. The low-contact nature of MOL is intended to minimize serious injuries. In addition, we strive to keep players healthy by the following:

  • Rules preclude dangerous contact such as tackling, hurdling or charging.
  • Referees receive instruction in applying rules with emphasis on safety.
  • Mouth guards are recommended for practice and mandatory for all games.
  • Basic first aid equipment is available on site.
  • Players are screened for medical problems.
  • Hard casts, solid braces, jewelry and metal cleats are not allowed.
  • Fields are maintained to eliminate obstacles.

Injuries are unavoidable. The great majority of field injuries are mild and include sprains, bruises, strained tendons and ligaments, and pulled muscles. Although uncommon, fractures and significant soft tissue injuries do occur each year. Injured players must stop play until able to resume. Many kids will be able to resume play after a short rest. More significant injuries will require days to weeks of rest.

The ultimate decision to limit injured players from returning to the field will be made by the most qualified individual on site. If a doctor, nurse or other health professional is available, their opinion will be solicited. In the absence of available medical personnel, referees and coaches are instructed not to allow kids to play if they have:

  • Persistent limp or joint pain
  • Severe headaches
  • Loss of consciousness or significant altered consciousness
  • Other obvious injuries that limit safe play

Concussions are uncommon injuries in this level of play, but will be treated aggressively. Players will not be able to return to play if they sustain a head or neck injury resulting in loss of consciousness, significant change in vision, nausea or vomiting. Players with brief headaches or confusion may return to play if symptoms completely resolve within a few minutes. Please review detailed information on concussions form the CDC below.


Most injuries can be treated on the field, but serious injuries require medical professionals. There should be no hesitation to call the Moraga Fire Deparment in the event of a serious injury, including loss of consciousness, allergic reactions, serious bleeding, dislocations and open fractures. Their phone number is 941-3333, their response time is between 2-3 minutes. NOTE TO COACHES:  please program this number into your cell phone.

Thank you for taking player safety seriously. We certainly do.