League Officials



League Commissioners

League Commissioner
Michael Sebree

League Vice Commissioner

Peter Reidenbach

Division Commissioners

Pac-12 (Grades 3&4)
Commissioner: Jonathan Hawkins
Vice Commissioner: Eric Heglie, Peter Reidenbach

NFC (Grades 5&6)
Commissioner: Josh Milnes
Vice Commissioner: Bill Boselli

AFC (Grades 7)
Commissioner: Eric Bjornson
Vice Commissioner: Kevin Cunningham

AFC (Grades 8)
Commissioner: Andy Orear
Vice Commissioner: Craig Hunt



Andy Eppinger

Registration and Website
Pete Reidenbach, Andy Eppinger

Evaluation Day Coordinators
Patrick Blair, Kevin Cunningham, Craig Hunt

3rd Grade Minicamp
Bill Boselli, Eric Bjornson

Draft Coordinator, Database, Uniforms
Dan Ventrelle

Referee Coordinators
Doug Pearson, Ted Haugner, Chris Peterson

Equipment and Fields
Craig Ruffolo, Darren Johnson

Friday Night Lights
Greg Young, Phil Estes, Chris Peterson

Medical Advisor
Brad Zwhalen

Andy Orear, Dan Ventrelle

MOL Football Commissioners Emeritus
Joe Cushing, Greg Young, Bill Fraser, Chris Peterson, Phil Estes, and Andy Eppinger